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Removal of Minor Skin Irregularities

The Super Frecator® 6800M series for permanent removal of minor skin irregularities

A safe, non-invasive treatment from our Lutherville/Timonium, MD clinic that permanently removes unsightly skin growths from your face and body in just one session!


You can have flawless skin!

SUPER FRECATOR is a device, used for over 30 years by skin therapists, for the permanent removal of minor skin irregularities. An electrical high-frequency current precisely delivered, via non-invasive electrical impulses through a micro-needle, permanently removes skin tags, sun spots, broken capillaries, hyper pigmentation, keratosis, etc. As the growth is removed, a natural protective coating of scab develops. Once the scab drops off, the treated area heals and new healthy skin will return which gradually takes on the color of the surrounding tissue. Skin growths treated do not return. There is no blood associated with the treatment. The type and size of the skin irregularity dictates the healing time. Price and the treatment time needed is based on number, size, depth, etc., of skin irregularities.

Benefits of Super Frecator

Virtually painless

Immediate, permanent results

No bleeding

Superficially dries and dehydrates the skin at the epidermal level

Low cost

Excellent results

One time treatment

Portable and convenient

Fast, reliable and meets all customer expectations!

  • Whitehead on eye

  • Syringoma

  • Acne scars

  • Thick hair

  • Telangiectasis

  • Spider nevi

  • Sun spots

  • Skin tag on eyelid

  • Scar tissue

  • Xanthomas

  • Freckles

  • Fibroma

  • Cosmetic tattoo

  • Age Spot

  • Clogged Pores

  • Birth mark

  • Cholestro patches

  • Cherry angioma

  • Broken capillaries

  • Cholesterol deposit

Skin Disorders

What are skin growths?

Skin growths are accumulations of various types of cells that look different from the normal surrounding skin. They may be raised or flat and range in color from dark brown or black to flesh-colored or red. They may be present at birth or develop later as we age.

Are they safe to remove?

The SuperFrecator 6800 Series is generally more effective than liquid nitrogen in removing skin growths. Frequently, more than one application of liquid nitrogen is needed to remove a growth, whereas only one SuperFrecator treatment is usually necessary. In addition, SuperFrecator treatments are less expensive.

How does it differ from liquid nitrogen?

The machine uses a high-frequency electrical current that delivers a precise spark through a micro needle to cauterize and desiccate skin growths. During the procedure the micro-needle remains above the skin surface; it does not penetrate the skin. As the growth is removed, a natural protective coating or scab develops that covers the treated area. Within the next few days the scab will fall off and be replaced by healthy new skin cells the color of the surrounding skin tissue.

How does the SuperFrecator work?

In most cases, skin growths are non-cancerous and can be safely removed. The treatment is performed by a professional, certified technician who has been trained to identify the different types of skin growths appropriate for treatment. All treatments are performed using the strictest sanitary procedures.

What is the SuperFrecator?

The SuperFrecator is a cauterization machine that has been successfully used for over 30 years by skin care professionals to remove all types of common surface skin growths.

Is the Treatment Permanent?

Yes! Once a skin growth has been treated with the SuperFrecator it does not return. However, if your skin is prone to these types of growths, new ones may appear elsewhere on your face and body.

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