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Evidence of Erina Purie’s methodology is the unique approach to her clients’ individual needs. She incorporates their biochemical profile, health conditions, and considers your personal aspirations to design the best program for you.

Purie skincare clinic offers basic skincare and Paramedical treatments for teens, ladies, and gentlemen. Applied Methods include Purie, Karchut, Danne.

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My Story

Erina Purie, founder and owner of Purie Paramedical Inc., has been a professional in the skin and body field for over 30 years, dedicating her life to skin and body rejuvenation. She is scientifically trained. Erina’s methodology is a unique approach that focuses on the correction, prevention, overall health, and beauty of the skin, which is the body’s largest organ. Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is important for many reasons; not only does our skin help protect us, but it is also the basis of the image that we project to others every day.

Erina loves working in non-invasive Aesthetic Medicine and that is evident in her enthusiasm with each individual client.

Education & Training

  • School of Aesthetics, Berlin, Germany

  • Institute of Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Paramedical/Advanced Skin Care, USA

  • Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, USA

  • Licensed Skin Care Therapist

  • Licensed Aesthetician #218768


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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