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Polarized Light Therapy

Help wounds and scars heal and become less visible Prevent unaesthetic scarring

Unique, Medically Proven Technology

Polarized light therapy has been successfully used in both clinical and home environment for decades to help heal wounds, scars.


Polarized Lights Benefits

The effects of Polarized light: supports the regeneration processes of the body. In connection with wound healing scientists have proven that it

  • improves microcirculation

  • accelerates epithelization and vascularization

  • stimulates the deposition of collagen fibers

  • promotes the body’s regeneration processes

  • reduces inflammation

  • relieves pain from inflammation

Also reduces the symptoms of several different dermatological problems

  • Surgical scars

  • Cosmetic surgery scars

  • Scars from sports injuries

  • Burns

  • Acne

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